• Client: Grand Bahama Shipyard
  • Location: Freeport, Grand Bahama
  • Project: (2) 50 Ton Drydock Cranes



Freeport, Grand Bahama is home to the Grand Bahama Ship Yard; a world class ship repair facility, strategically located seventy miles east of the South Florida coastline. The facility is principally owned by two of the world’s largest cruise line companies. Grand Bahama Ship Yard chose Adams Machinery to design and build two cranes for their two largest drydocks.

Cruise ships have many deck levels and as such are relatively tall above the waterline; the cranes required to service these vessels therefore must have significant reach capability. The shipyard needed additional lifting capacity as well as high boom reach. The design incorporated both elements; by keeping the machinery room and heavy components at the lowest point of the crane, the resulting low center of gravity aided in increasing the lifting capacity. The tower was located atop the machinery frame thus the boom heel was located seventy feet above the travel rail. The arrangement accomplished both requirements, increased capacity and reach height. The cranes have a resulting capacity of 50 tons @ 60 ft. radius and 15 tons @ 165 ft. (full radius). The crane is able to reach the mid-point of the vessel on deck 15.

The weather tight machinery room contains all electrical equipment, hoist machinery, swing gearbox and air compressor. All hoist drums are independent drive, featuring oversize motor/gearboxes and redundant braking systems. Electrical controls include variable frequency drives, for exceptionally smooth and infinite speed control. The machinery room is very quiet; the air compressor produces more sound than the hoist packages.

The operator’s cabin is elevated to provide a clear line of sight to the entire vessel. Joystick controls, operate all crane functions. Load monitoring system provides crucial information to the operator; load on the hook, maximum capacity, load radius, boom angle and wind speed. Pre-set limits prevent the operator from exceeding load capacity, radius, boom angle and operation during high wind.

The cranes supplied to Grand Bahama Ship Yard have proven themselves in terms of ease of operation, durability, reach & capacity and have helped GBSY to meet scheduling projections.



Based on the customers specific needs and differing dry dock rail gauges, separate engineering and designs were required for each machine. Additionally, a configurable “Super Lift” option was also added to achieve a specific lift utilizing removable counterweights.


Variable Frequency Drives on all functions, coupled with Infinitely Variable Joystick control means that the operator control of the machine can be measured in fractions of an inch. Programmable speed control & Simultaneous Multi-Function capabilities make this machine as Operator friendly as it is Efficient.


An Integrated Load Monitoring System with programmable speed, angle and capacity, coupled with Mechanical stops, fail-safes and lockouts means that this machine meets and exceeds safety standards.


A marine grade coating system, sealed double-row bearings, non-rotational die-pressed wire rope, climate controlled electrical boxes and sealed motors and gearbox assemblies, are just some of the design elements that keep the cost of ownership and downtime low for our cranes.